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Listening Labs: 6 Tips for Successful Customer Interviews

For the last 6 months, the ID90 Travel team has been focused on building a new app. The primary driver for this product was the shift in traffic and noticeable downfalls of our current app. After deliberating what technologies to use (Ionic, Cordova & Angular), we began building. After 3 months, we decided we had an MVP we could elicit feedback from real life customers. So we decided to run a series of listening labs. Read More

Shopify Apps: Top 6 Apps for Growing Business

MailChimp is one of the many Shopify Apps to Improve Your Email Campaigns

As you may know by now, I run my family’s online business on Shopify’s platform. We made the switch from SquareSpace after a year because we wanted more tools to automate our marketing strategy. We chose Shopify because it has an ecosystem of┬áthird-party Shopify apps that help you run your online business. From automating marketing programs to optimizing your online store’s performance, Shopify has you covered. Read More

Product Management: 5 Lessons from Technology Startups

analytics platforms are incredibly important

I was 22 years old when I graduated from college. During my college years, I read a ton of dense philosophical text and solved complex economic problems. This experience, I believe, trained me to think differently than my peers. My first job out of college was a healthcare IT company. During the day I helped facilitate operations for our implementations team. At night I learned how to code and use marketing tools. After a few months, I launched my family’s online business. This was the first time I truly owned a product. Fast forward a few years, we’re now serving customers around the world, automating marketing interactions, directly interacting with customers and growing our reach. Little did I know, I was cultivating my product management skills. Read More