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What To Know Before Joining a Startup

Working at a tech startup has and always will be appealing to the young, the hungry and the slightly crazed. Stories of being unable to easily discern who the CEO is because they're wearing sandals and shorts. Seeing pictures of teams huddled closely together, surrounded by whiteboards with what seem like nonsensical blueprints. Walking by over-the-top snack bars with an infinite supply of la croix and quality coffee. You imagine yourself laying on a beanbag with your mac laptop, watching people adopt your product as a result of that new tech-crunch article. You envision an acquisition by Google, Amazon or Facebook. Soon your mind wonders. Ideas of a buying Tesla or making a down payment on your first house circulate incessantly. Read More

Building a Mobile App: 5 things I learned

Building a mobile app can be a daunting endeavour. Unlike traditional websites, mobile apps require a different set of skills and expertise. Analytics, user experience, A/B testing, and deployments are completely different. Do you build a native app for iOS and Android or do you build a hybrid app using new technologies like Angular or React? What analytics tools will you use? How will you structure the experience to complement the mobile user's expectations? Read More

What I’ve Learned From Web Design

I've built several custom websites in my life—and it's never been easy. A common feature of building websites for others is this: no one really knows what they want and each website requires a different experience. So while we have great frameworks like Bootstrap, Material, and Foundation, it isn't enough. Everyone in web design still goes through the hell associated with trying to bring a website to life Read More